UGV passive-adaptive navigation

The aim of the applied research is to introduce solutions based on adaptive and passive sensors in the operation of […]

AV Smart Testbed

Autonomous Vehicle (AV) testing and certification is a complicated process. Compared with regular vehicles, AVs have a high degree of […]

IOT-OPEN.EU Reloaded

The project responds to the HE priority ‘Stimulating innovative learning and teaching practices’.  The following priorities of the HE sector […]

SURE 5.0

Supporting the SMEs’ SUstainability and REsilience transition towards Industry 5.0 in the Mobility, Transport & Automotive, Aerospace & Defence, and […]


RetroEV – new international engineering competition RetroEV is a new international competition series for students and engineers or other interested […]

FinEst Centre for Smart Cities

  Cross-border (Estonia-Finland) FinEst Centre for Smart Cities. The project will create a centre of excellence that will focus on […]


IOT-OPEN.EU project is aimed at bridging the gap between what higher education offers and what the European labor market needs […]