BoxBot an AGV for industrial logistics and product transportation in factories.

The prototype was designed by our Industrial Design colleagues, mechanical design and production were made by the Product Development team and electronics, sensors and software implemented in my research group. We used our experience from ISEAUTO to design and implement autonomous driving whereas ROS based Autoware software modules were used. The robot made its first trial in food factory Kulinaaria which produces all kinds of cookery to Estonian biggest grocery store Selver.

The project focuses on creating highly configurable automated logistics solutions, including the human on the loop based on the use of innovative functionalities. Intelligent algorithms for easy reconfiguration and planning of multiple agents (humans, robots, mobile platforms, and mobile robots) will be developed based on existing relevant tools. A decision-making framework is proposed to validate relatively quickly the alternative solutions for multi-agents planning. The proposed framework is expected to be tested on automated intralogistics processes, where parts and tools will be transferred with the help of mobile robots and AGVs near the human, improving thus the experience of the operators within the shop floor, as well as decreasing the time needed for delivering the right tool/part on the right place and the right moment.