RetroEV – new international engineering competition

RetroEV is a new international competition series for students and engineers or other interested groups to support electrical vehicle development and an environmentally friendly mindset.

The task is to convert a young timer classical car, which is probably far from being environmentally friendly end efficient into the contemporary fully electric vehicle. Teams formed of students or engineers are working a hands-on engineering project to bring new life to an old car which is in addition to being converted into electrical one will also be equipped with Level 2 modern ADAS system.

The result will be evaluated based on smart and innovative engineering solutions rather than pure power or maximum speed figures. For example, the success criteria are ecological footprint reduction, energy efficiency, self-driving features, innovation and other similar results (not speed, power or one-mile race). The project lasts 8 months and ends with international competition.

The first series starts January 2020 and the competition is scheduled for August 26th 2020 in the frame of parade and conference “The Future of Transport is Now”  organized by the City of Tallinn. Due to the corona 2020 competition was replaced by an exhibition and show in Tallinn. See photos here

Looking forward to 2021 show and competition. Join to the RetroEV community!

Initial criteria

  • At least young timer car
  • Will be converted fully electrical
  • The process is public and covered with regular updates in web – video diary is preferred


  • Reduction of the environmental footprint (before and after comparison)
  • Engineering innovations
  • Advanced driving assistant functions
  • Design and finishing
  • Documentation and presentations (video diary)

Every assessment criterium gives a certain amount of points given by a jury consisting of academics, engineers and industry representatives.



1 TalTech AV team

Tallinn, Estonia

Pontiac Fiero
2 e-ZQL

Rohuneeme, Estonia

Lada 2102



Viljandi, Estonia

Mecedes-Benz C180


4 Zev Garage

Tallinn, Estonia

Porsche Speedster + VW


5 Sandfox

Tallinn, Estonia

Pobeda Tuleviku transport Kadriorus | Tallinn

Hellenurme, Estonia

Mercedes-Benz 300TE (124.090)


Teams, Estonian or international, interested to participate in the competition and join to our RetorEV network should contact the organizer:

Raivo Sell, / +3726203268