Concept Map Components:

  • Intelligent Bus Stops
  • Smart Pedestrian Crosswalks
  • Smart Traffic Lights
  • Automatic Bollars
  • Self-driving AV Shuttles
  • Remote Control Station




5G Networks

Provide fast and reliable two-way communication between various devices, which is important for low latency and comfortable commercial use. We have two stations Ericsson’s mid-band 5G 3549.99 Mhz, bandwidth 20Mhz.

In cooperation with Telia Eesti and Ericsson. Read more here.


V2I Smart Pedestrian Crosswalks

Communicate with vehicles and devices by informing them of the number of pedestrians and their speed of crossing. Warning the driver of a road crossing with a light signal. Therefore, enabling vehicles to adjust their speed and eliminating the need to stop.

In cooperation with Bercman Technologies. Read more here and here.


ISEAUTO Self-Driving Vehicles / Autonomous Vehicle Shuttles

Drive autonomously and communicates Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) to negotiate and adjust their speed for optimal interaction, which enables commercially smooth rides for passengers.

In cooperation with AuVeTech and ABB. Read more here.



Starship Delivery Robots

Deliver various goods to customers and communicate with ISEAUTO and Smart Pedestrian Crosswalks to negotiate and adjust their speed for optimal interaction (V2X).

In cooperation with Starship Technologies. Read more here.



e-Pavement Solar Road Coverage

Uses solar energy to power both street and traffic lighting and signs. Thereby, making the infrastructure components more autonomous and reducing the overall energy cost (IoT).

Locating in front of Mektory. In cooperation with Maanteeamet. Read more here and here.


Intelligent Traffic Lights

Detect and communicate with vehicles to adjust lights, prioritization, and speed for optimal interaction. This enables to save time in transit, reduces road congestion and cuts down on emissions (V2I).